Beach Nourishment Projects on the Outer Banks

Dare County is planning multiple beach nourishment projects from Duck to Hatteras Island starting Spring, 2017.

What is Beach Nourishment?

Beach nourishment is the process of pumping sand onto an eroding shoreline to widen the existing beach. Sources of sand may include a nearby sandbar, a dredged source such as an inlet or waterway, or an offshore borrow site along the ocean floor. The widened shoreline provides increased defense from coastal storms and beach erosion protecting property, communities, and infrastructure located along the shoreline.

The estimated schedule is as follows:

  • Town of Duck starting mid/late May – mid/late July, estimated 60 day project.
  • Kitty Hawk starting mid June – mid August, estimated 60 day project.
  • Kill Devil Hills starting early August – mid September, estimated 35-45 days.
  • Buxton (Hatteras Island) Beach Nourishment project will be constructed in 2017 to ensure safe reliable access to Hatteras Island via NC 12. The project includes approximately 2.9 miles of beach and will initially widen the beach by approximately 250 feet.

Learn more about the upcoming beach nourishment projects here.

See the legend and learn more from the interactive project map here.