Why the Outer Banks?

As one of the largest and most mature vacation rental markets in the United States, the Outer Banks continues to draw people to its beaches every year.  It’s natural beauty, wide sandy beaches, family attractions and laid back lifestyle makes the area a top hit for vacationers every year.  For all the same reasons, owning a piece of paradise is an attractive idea and as many smart Outer Banks homeowners have found out, it can also be a lucrative one as well.  Prices on the Outer Banks are typically more affordable than other areas along the Mid Atlantic and Northeast Coast.  That coupled with the fact that homes on the Outer Banks typically produce very high rental income, it is easy to see the value in owning Outer Banks property.

Should I time the market?

Timing is important.  When you buy and when you sell can impact your bottom line.  Buyers today should be looking at the long term value of real estate.  Look at your real estate investment from a long term perspective realizing that over time, values trend upward.  Everyone knows what happened with real estate across the country over the last 10 years.  The Outer Banks was no exception.  But those days are behind us and the strength of the market has returned.  Should you time the market?  Yes and the time is now!

Outer Banks information overload?  The right real estate agent can help you!

There has never been a time in the history of real estate when buyers had access to so much information.  With the help of the internet, we now all have access to an amazing amount of information.  It really makes things easy….right?  It certainly has its advantages but organizing all of that information so that you can make the right buying decision is complicated.  The Outer Banks real estate market encompasses over 100 miles of coastline, multiple counties, more than 15 towns and hundreds of communities.  All of these areas are different, have different rules and regulations, different building codes, different beaches and water influences.  How your property will perform, in terms of rental and its long term value can be different in all of these areas.  Pick the right real estate agent.  Make sure they are experienced and have a proven track record.  Information is easy to obtain.  Experienced advice and local knowledge is harder to find, but just as important.  The right real estate agent can help you use all of this information to make the decision that is right for you.

A diverse real estate market…

The Outer Banks has what you are looking for.  No matter what your wish list includes, it can be found here.  Looking for the highest ROI?   We have that with properties that produce amazing rental income.  Looking for a 2nd home and a place to get away from it all?  We have that and can even get you a water view to go with it!  Looking to re-locate to the area?  We have wonderful year round communities, great schools, amenities, water activities and so much more!